Frank Morey joins Paul Viollis on the security brief

Worldwide security expert and CEO of Risk Control Strategies Paul Viollis is a good friend of Virtus, and recently asked CEO Frank Morey to join him on his hit podcast, ‘The Security Brief’.

Each week The Security Brief sees Paul draw from his background as behavioral analyst to offer unique insight and realistic solutions to issues ranging from threats to children, home invasion, travel risks, terrorism, cybercrime, identity theft, fraud and more. Regularly joined by a panel of expert guests, Paul passionately delivers an in-depth and interactive discussion on the issues that keep us all up at night.

This is the second time Frank has appeared on the show, after his first contribution to Episode 7 ‘Money Laundering’. This time around Frank shares his thoughts on the repugnant subject of Stolen Valor. As a former Royal Marine Commando, Frank weighs in on what constitutes this horrifically fraudulent act, tips on detection, reporting suggestions and ramifications for perpetrators.

You can listen to the full episode here.